Advice on Packing

Packing service is available!

Take the stress and worry out of your move, CML Removals’ experienced professional staff will pack your home quickly and safely.

A lot of people tire easily, doing too much at once. So, it’s better to get an early start. Give yourself a goal for each day and plan ahead and of course call someone to help is a bonus as well.

Normally, it takes 30 to 50 boxes to pack a 4 bedroom house. But then again individuality is a wonderful thing, I have seen houses with as many as 120 boxes, so happy packing and remember to rest, and play your favourite music to keep the mood. Another handy hint is smaller the box the longer it takes to find a space to put it safely in the truck, ideal box sizes are book boxes and tea chest size boxes, hence easy loading, equals time saved, equals money saved for you. Tape bed slats together, the more you do and the better prepared you are the more you save.

Well if all else fails, there’s always another option. Let the professionals take the worry, we have experienced and friendly staff to pack for you. Ask us for a free no obligation removal and packing quote for your home.

General Tips


You will need : wrappers, boxes, tape, a marker, scissors or a knife.


The more wrappers, the better.

Many people use newspapers for packing, but you have to remember that your belongings packed with newspapers can get ink blots. That may be taken off easily, or not, it is true that you will have more work.

The better way is to buy better wrappers like air caps from a removal company and to pack things cleaner and safer.


If you get boxes from a grocery shop, a bottle shop or any other shops, it can be a problem while the boxes are getting moved. Some boxes are thin or weak, you should not pack fragile things in those boxes. Pack similar things considering ones those originally in the box.

Boxes should not to be torn or crumpled. Boxes you keep in your basement or garage might be damp, and boxes from shops might be torn or crumpled in their distribution process.

In summery, boxes not made for removal can damage belongings in them, so you have to use boxes in good condition. removal companies have boxes in various sizes and shapes, you can buy or rent them. those boxes are made strong for removal.

General Information For Packing


Before you get started, a very important tip is to have a garage sale before you go. Sell all those unwanted items and that will help to pay for your move.

General Packing Tips

  • When packing boxes fill them to the top, that helps them stack without damage.
  • Try to distribute the weight in your boxes, don’t put all the heavy items in one box.
  • Put heavy things on the bottom, then lighter to the top.
  • Mark your boxes from the room they came from, and if they are fragile.
  • If you can’t fill the box, put towels, blankets or pillows, this will ensure the safety of your move.


  • If your dogs and cats are not familiar with car travel, they might fret, become nervous or get carsick. Do not feed them for 6 hours before the car leaves.
  • Move bird cages covering them with dark material.
  • Place fish into a plastic bag with water from the aquarium, blow air into the plastic bag.

Packing Bedrooms


We advise that you take all valuables (cash, jewelry or important documents) personally. You can buy robe boxes for clothing, or you can make your own (see instructions below).

1. Get large boxes, make
2 holes each side.

2. Put sticks on the top of boxes,
through the holes.

3. Put socks, stockings,
underwear on the bottom,
hang clothes up as they were.


Fold up bed clothes and put them into their cases or boxes. Pack cushions and pillows between bed clothes or use them when you pack fragile things. Separate the bed, let nice timber sides of frames face together and wrap with tape.

Dressing Tables

Pack cosmetics on the table, not inside the drawers. Place some towels on the bottom of a box and put cosmetics into a plastic bag. Place the plastic bag onto the towels, fill space up with cushions or pillows.

Packing Loungerooms

Covers for Furniture

You can purchase plastic covers for all sizes to do the job, but if you have trouble purchasing those try king size mattress covers or even plastic from your local hardware.


Separate a lampshade and a bulb from its body, fix its line on the body using tape. Pack the lampshade and the bulb with wrappers and put into different boxes separately. Write down ‘Lamp, Fragile’

Potteries And Decorations

Neck is the weakest part of potteries. Fully muffle around the neck and wrap the body by air cap. Place it into a box, fill space with soft things. Wrap decorations well so that they don’t break. Put heavy things on the bottom.

Picture Frames

You can pack small frames standing together with other things like towels blankets. It is better to pack large frames or canvases with special materials from removal companies. Place a frame onto 2-3 wrappers which are minimum 2 times bigger than the frame. Wrap it like gift-wrapping, fix it with tape and write ‘Front’, ‘Back’.

Packing Kitchens

Mugs And Glasses

If you have original boxes, packing mugs and glasses into those boxes is the best way.

1-1. Pile up mugs or glasses without handles putting wrappers between each mug or glass.

1-2. For mugs with handles, stand them upside down.

2. wrap the pile with a wrapper again.


1. Place a dish center onto 2 wrappers which are on a flat surface.

2. Grab a side of a wrapper on the top, and cover the dish entirely.

3. Place another dish onto it.

4. Cover this one with opposite side.

5. And then Place the other dish on it.

6. over this one with a wrapper on the bottom.

7. Wrap it entirely, with another wrapper, wrap it upside down.

Lay some wrappers on the bottom of a box, stand that up on its side. Fill the box with piles of dishes and bowls and complete the box using crushed wrappers.

Pots And Frying Pans

Pile up pots and pans big ones by small ones putting wrappers between them. Wrap a pile by a wrapper and fix it with tape.

Small Appliances

Try to pack these separately, towels pillows etc. Now your precious flat screen, the original box is good but failing that your removalist has plenty of pads and will know where to pack this with your load.

Final Advice on Packing

To save money, preparation, pack well. The more organized you are the better it will be for everyone. Make sure you write down the time and date the removalist is coming. What time do I get the keys for my new home. Ask all the question you need to, so that your removalist can give you the best service possible, happy moving.